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IDEO HCD Toolkit: Deliver

While reading the HCD Toolkit, I've noticed that each section is roughly the same size. Don't get me wrong, each section has been a small wonder-world of information, but I couldn't help wonder if the Deliver section had been hardest of all to trim down. It covers a lot of ground and not a word was wasted. To summarize it would be to re-write it, but the pieces of the section which really resonated with me were:

  • Mini-Pilots & Pilots - These seek to allow understand and refine the solution, its context, and support system as well as possible. I especially liked the idea of mini-pilots that focused on a subset of the solution and/or allowed participants a deeper understanding by taking them out of their traditional roles.
  • On-going Learning & Iteration - This is something that I think is so often missed, or haphazardly bolted on at the end of a implementation. This involves revisiting stories from the Hear phase as well as collecting new ones while continually refining the solution. Page 97 of the IDEO Toolkit
  • Measuring Impact - The toolkit does a great job of diving in to indicators like leading and dynamic changes (both positive and negative), assessing outcomes, and strategies for measuring the impact of a solution in a holistic fashion.

As you can tell, I am a big fan of the upfront work and the continual learning presented. I think companies all too often equate a customer's final product with their final product. A great product doesn't end with ending up in the customer's hands. Putting a product in a customers hands is an opportunity to learn more about the product, evolve the product (see the product lines here), and recognize the new opportunities a strong product creates.


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