Hello, my name is Ren Provey.
I am a full stack web software developer with a deep interest
in iOS, user experience and

CityBits Launch Ho! (& FAQ)

Who? I've been working on a small side project.

What? CityBits — a collection of 1000-word (or less) travel guides for your iPhone.

When? Now. You're already late to the party.

Where? The iTunes App Store, purveyor of many fine products.

Why? In a world that is increasingly homogenous, CityBits is a guide to what makes a place unique.


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Around the Web

Twitter: @renprovey
LinkedIn: Ren Provey
GitHub: ren
Work: CityBits, the guide to all the bits of your trip that you'll rave about to your friends.

Places worth visiting

David Eisinger