Hello, my name is Ren Provey.
I am a full stack web software developer with a deep interest
in iOS, user experience and

Hola 960.gs

"The premise of the system is ideally suited to rapid prototyping, but it would work equally well when integrated into a production environment. There are printable sketch sheets, design layouts, and a CSS file that have identical measurements." - http://960.gs/

What the hey? Sounds good enough to me, lets give it a whirl. Since this site is heavily gridded, I decided to convert it.

For starters I added the following a wrapping div <div class="container_12">, you could go with 16 column grid: <div class="container_16"> and was in business.

Basically, moving items about the grid, is dead simple, above is my introduction:
<h1 class="grid_5 prefix_7 clearfix">Hello, my name is ... and technology.</h1>.

The class grid_5 places the element across 5 elements of the grid. I added a class of prefix_7, which shifts the element to the right by 7 grid columns.

By using the grid, prefix suffix, classes you can position elements about the grid. The last bit to remember is that if a continer has a grid within it, attach a class of alpha and omega to the last.


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