Hello, my name is Ren Provey.
I am a full stack web software developer with a deep interest
in iOS, user experience and

Git Odds and Ends

$ git gc — Internally optimizes the way Git stores its history, the --aggressive parameter takes things one step further by recalculating the deltas from scratch.
$ git archive --format=<zip or tar> --prefix=<prefix>/ HEAD > filename.zip — Valid format types are tar and zip.
$ git archive --format=tar --prefix=<prefix>/ <HEAD, commit hash, branch, or tag> | gzip > filename.tar.gz — Pipe into gzip


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Twitter: @renprovey
LinkedIn: Ren Provey
GitHub: ren
Work: CityBits, the guide to all the bits of your trip that you'll rave about to your friends.

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